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  • Ogun state (Environment) audit

    Environmental auditing is a necessary part of environmental management providing feedback mechanisms about overall environmental performance, and specific problem areas as well as corrective actions. Study assessed the pollution level and environmental performance of an integrated farm settlement which involved… Read More ›

  • Ogun state (ICT) agriculture

    Study ascertained the appropriateness of ICTs’ use in disseminating agricultural information. Farmers and extension agents totalling 159 respondents were sampled using multi-stage procedure for the study. Validated questionnaire/interview schedule were used for data collection. Data obtained were analysed using relevant… Read More ›

  • Ogun state (Health) Radiation

    Natural Radionuclides are elements that are found in the air, water and soil. They find their ways in to the plants through the leaves and absorption of nutrients and water from the soil through the roots. Intake of fruits is… Read More ›

  • Ogun state (childbirth) information source

    Study examined the influence of sociodemographic variables on information sources availability and use among pregnant women. A questionnaire was used to collect data for the study. In all, 141 copies of questionnaire were distributed in three selected hospitals. Ninety-six usable… Read More ›

  • Ogun state (Health) bacteria/ helminths

    Study carried out in a rural community in Ogun state Nigeria, aims to determine the prevalence of soil-transmitted helminths, bacteria causing Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media (CSOM), and their coinfection among school-aged participants. Formol-ether sedimentation technique was used to check for helminth… Read More ›

  • Ogun state (Town planning)PPP housing

    Public-private partnership in housing development provide conducive housing environment through provision of services, good and quality facilities, easy access to social amenities, good security arrangement among others. It is on this basis that this study examined residents’ satisfaction of facilities… Read More ›

  • Oyo state (Health) Herbs vs orthodox medicine

    The demand for medicinal plants has gained much attention among the developing tropical regions of the world in the last decades owing to a relative affordability, acclaimed efficacy and perceived safety by users. The rise in the prevalence of chronic… Read More ›