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Scientific Magic

It’s my final semester on campus and we are to take this course, a part two of a course we took in our sophomore year. Now you don’ t want to know what this course is all about. I’m going… Read More ›

L.O.S. Time: 12:12pm

Day: Saturday Time of day: 12:12pm “My friend, John caruso said he heard ┬áthat there was a big money drop here so he sent us to pick it up.” The guy with the gun said. I started to move towards… Read More ›

L.O.S. Time: 9:00am

Day: Saturday Time of day: 9:00 A.M Event: It’s 9am. Every bit of sleep has left me. The coffee had played it’s part, I even felt like drumming for no reason. Damn you James for ruining my sleep. By now… Read More ›