Wildlife economicus (Conserve Wildlife, Live Wide [Part 2])

In economics we identify man as a profit/ gain (basically selfish) seeking creature (Homoeconomicus). In environmental science we identify man as the active agent that positively or negatively influence the environment. However the discipline around environmentalism revolves around the need for man to be a conscious selfless agent of the environmental hence putting conservation ahead of personal gain (like using the complicated and sometimes inconvenient renewable industry as opposed to the easier yet more harmful oil and gas industry). Individually these sciences and subdeciplines make all the sense in the world but when viewing man, the common denominator in all these you see that the idea of conservation demands that all these disciplines conflict with one another. From this vantage point, it would seem that conservation is best view through multiple disciplines so all other scientific principles are honoured. Hence the component of sustainability; being; meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future to meet the same needs while considering the economic, environmental and social factors in the giving situation. So ;
==== Wildlife, species and ecosystem
conservation is an important issue in today’s world. The subject of many conferences, meetings, studies and research works. With these, it’s easy to consider environmental conservation as ensuring the wildlife are settled in their respective ecosystems. It’s also easy to consider social conservation as guarding the niche of all the stakeholders in wildlife conservation science i.e the law enforcement, the poachers, the smugglers, benefiting population, the cultural heritage, and the species historically natural ecosystem and then when it comes to the economic sustainability, it’s easy to think tourism, the harvestable species, and other internal revenue generated by other business servicing the tourists e.g transport, hotels and accommodations, guides, restaurants, souvenir shops etc. these are systems that work. homoeconomicus is honoured, environmentalism is honoured, conservation is pursued.
Here is another route; answering the question; since personal gain is garnered by business owners revolving around the wildlife conservation and tourism from enthusiasts, how do you extend this personal gain to the benefit of literally Anyone who at any point cares to gain something from only showing an interest in wildlife which would in turn benefit the course of conservation? Or simply, how do you make conserving wildlife gainful financially or otherwise to anyone who cares to contribute to wildlife conservation ? Or giving value to the questions like “what do I gain by making a move to ensure rhinos don’t go extinct?
The answer to the questions above is the subject of Serds’ “THE(ZOO)KEEPER project.



wildlife Conservation

Homo economicus

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