Scientific Magic

It’s my final semester on campus and we are to take this course, a part two of a course we took in our sophomore year. Now you don’ t want to know what this course is all about. I’m going to tell anyways.

The professor walked in, welcomed us and got down to business. “We are going to continue from where we stopped” he said. I tried to recall where we stopped. yeah, I got it, it’s ‘numerology’ where numbers are connected to your names and affects your life, crazy, right?

Before he went deep into numerology, he did a little revision on the previous topics. Now, this is really going to sound creepy. The previous topics were about spirits, demons, witches, ghosts and you know, those wierd stuff. Everyone in the class was dead quiet, “that’s what usually catch their attention” I thought to myself. I found myself looking round the class, paying close attention to the females, I wondered which of them could be a witch. Who would know anyways. My eye caught one girl on black with some wierd make-up on and I was like “Gottcha, witchy witch” she really looked like one.

After saying so much about those wierd stuff, the professor dropped the bomb “Do you know science is magic?” Oh oh, there goes the “what do you mean sir?”, “could you please explain sir?”. I was just seated there paying very close attention to the professor. He might just drop another bomb or something an English major student may consider a bomb. They don’t know much about science afterall.

There, he started with the Shroud of Turin story and how the linen was subjected to carbon dating and how the process gave the linen out to be that of Jesus Christ. If Radiocarbon dating could be considered magic, then everything else is magic, optical image analysis, ultraviolet photography, medical forensics, bio-contamination hypothesis…. They are all magic.

Radiocarbon dating is the method used in determining the age of any material containing organic materials. This means you can know the age of anything as long as it contains organic materials. Willard Libby, the guy who came up with the whole idea must be a first class magician, I so much admire him.

You can determine many other things with the help of what I call “Scientific Magic”. With the help of forensic pathology, the cause of a death can be made known, the manner of death too, wonderful, isn’t it?. Also, with ultraviolet photography, you can see what is not visible to the ordinary eyes. With all these facts, I can’t argue that science is truly magic and maybe all scientists are magicians.

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