Kaduna state (Heavy metals) honey

Heavy metals in honey are of interest mainly for quality control and nutritional aspect along with the determination of environmental contamination. This study was designed to determine the distributions and levels of selected heavy metals like Lead (Pb), Cadmium (Cd), Cobalt (Co), Mercury (Hg) and Zinc (Zn) in honey samples from Brinin-Gwari. and explore the extent of exposure in humans. Sampling was done in two villages were ten honey samples were collected from bee keeper households. Honey samples were analyzed and tested using Atomic adsorption spectrophotometer. Result obtained showed the prevalence residual levels of heavy metals in honey samples in the range; ppm, M±sd, (Pb- 0.228±0.001; Cd- 0.013±0.010; Co- 0.118±0.01; Hg- 0.654±0.01; and 0.662±0.01 Zn). Contaminations by these metals were below the WHO standard for tolerance level for man.  Finally, this finding helps us to conclude that the acceptable level of heavy metals present in the honey of this study area has no negative impact on living organisms but may be of good quality for human consumption


J. O. Idoko, K. O. jege, B. S. Haruna, P. A. Tifwa, W. O. Musa


Categories: Research development

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