Ogun state (Town planning)PPP housing

Public-private partnership in housing development provide conducive housing environment through provision of services, good and quality facilities, easy access to social amenities, good security arrangement among others. It is on this basis that this study examined residents’ satisfaction of facilities in housing projects delivered by public private partnership. A field survey was conducted in three existing housing estates delivered through PPP within the study area. The information gathered from both the secondary and primary data were used to analyze occupant’s satisfaction of facilities available in housing project delivered by PPP. Questionnaires were distributed through systematic sampling method to 224 respondents in the three existing housing estates in the study area. Result showed that Year of tenure, size of house hold, provision of facilities, security of life and properties, location of resident, space allocation, proximity to work place were some of the factors significantly contributed to occupier satisfaction of facilities available in a PPP driven housing estate .The study recommended that for successful implementation of the PPP housing project to meet the desired satisfaction of any occupier, the government should ensure that all the necessary infrastructural facilities and services like good road, electricity, school, health centre etc. be provided first before building production commence on the estate. Moreover, recreational facilities lacking in most of the estates should be provided so that residents of the estate would not need to travel miles to access these facilities.



Ogunbayo , Babatunde F and Ajao, Adekunle M and ALAGBE, Oluwole T. and Ogundipe , Kunle Elizah and Tunji-Olayeni, P .Fand Ogunde, Ayode



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