Oyo state (Health) Herbs vs orthodox medicine

The demand for medicinal plants has gained much attention among the developing tropical regions of the world in the last decades owing to a relative affordability, acclaimed efficacy and perceived safety by users. The rise in the prevalence of chronic diseases, treatments and possible cure has led not only to increase patronage but also combination with conventional medicine for health care delivery and speedy recovery in countries located within these areas. In this present study, factors influencing these developments were examined. Interview and semi-structured questionnaires were randomly administered among 104 respondents in Ibadan North Local Government Area of Oyo State, Nigeria. Civil servants, self employed (Herb sellers, traditional medicine practitioners and farmers), unemployed (aged people) and students. Based on the responses obtained, 85% of the respondent established that they make use of herbs, while 12.5% disagreed though 1.9% were undecided. However, 50%, 38% and 14%, agreed, disagreed and undecided respectively to combining herbs and orthodox medicine. Occupation was shown to significantly influence level of herbal usage and its combination with orthodox medicine. The study revealed high dependence on herbs and combined use of same with orthodox medicine, with occupation playing a significant role in each case. These observations underscore the importance of traditional medicine as a subsystem of the health delivery and the double practices among health care seekers which definitely calls for actions from health care providers and regulators alike.

Factors influencing the use of herbs and combination with orthodox medicine for healthcare management in Ibadan, Nigeria

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