Rivers state (Environment) Air quality in PH

Observation of emission of soot in Port Harcourt has necessitated the determination of air quality characteristics of three emerging industrial areas, Rumuolumeni, Eleme and Oginigba in the metropolis. A rural area, Omuanwa, distant from the study areas, served as control. Air quality parameters were measured using portable digital hand held air monitors. The study covered wet and dry season periods. The results showed that relative humidity levels in the wet season (65.28±2.53% – 69.85±2.23%) were higher than in the dry season (46.37±2.76% – 54.78±12.72%). The mean concentrations of  the particulates matters (PM1, PM2.5, PM7, PM10 and TSP) obtained for dry season in all the sampling sites were higher than those of the wet season. Also, the observed trend in levels of TSP in either season was Rumuolumeni > Oginigba > Eleme.  Mean temperature values of ambient air for Eleme, Oginigba, Rumuolumeni were 31.47±0.49OC, 30.52±0.60oC and 30.03±0.70oC for wet season and 33.38±0.55oC, 30.07±0.94oC and 29.20±1.53oC for dry respectively. Gases such as NO, NO2, SO2, CO, VOCs and NH3 were below detection limits at the study area indicating that the emerging industrial areas might not be responsible for the emissions of soot in Port Harcourt. However, the high levels of TSP (exceeding standard limits) might pose serious threat to environment and health of the inhabitants of Port Harcourt metropolis

PH- Port Harcourt


O.M Akinfolarin, C.C. Obunwo, N. Boisa


Categories: Research development

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