Rivers state (Health/Heavy metals) carcinogens

study investigated heavy metals concentration in groundwater in six coastal communities in Gokana, Rivers State, namely, Gbe, K-Dere, B-Dere, Mogho, Kpor and Bodo City and the human health risk posed to the local populace via ingestion and dermal contact using non-carcinogenic and carcinogenic health risk assessment. The mean values of the heavy metals ranged between 0.02–0.86, 0.16–0.19, 0.03–0.10, 0.02–0.03 and 0.01–0.17 for Mn, Ni, Pb, Cd and Cr, respectively. The heavy metals were above the drinking water quality recommended limits in all the study sites. Estimations of average daily dose (ADD) and dermal absorbed dose (DAD) health risk indicates that Mn, Ni and Pb posed human health risk via ingestion contact pathway. However, hazard index (HI) values of Cd and Cr for ingestion pathway were >1.0 and the estimated Lifetime of Carcinogenic Risks (LTCR) for Ni, Cd and Cr exceeded the predicted lifetime risk for carcinogens of 10−6from ingestion pathway. Furthermore, there were more appreciable risk from Ni and Cr in the study sites as LTCR value in most sites were >10−4. This study indicates possible non-carcinogenic and carcinogenic human health hazard from groundwater consumption in Gokana via oral ingestion

Hazardous metals levels in groundwater from Gokana, Rivers State, Nigeria: Non-cancer and cancer health risk assessment

K. W. Nkpaa,B. A. Amadi &M. O. Wegwu


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