Adamawa state (bacteria/pH/Temp) Water well

Shallow well water is one of the major source of drinking water in Girei Local Government. In the Present study, the bacteriological quality and physico-chemical properties (pH and temperature) of water samples collected from selected shallow wells in the study area were assessed. The organisms isolated from the well water are Escherichia and Klebsiellaspp. The coliform count of the water sample collected from the wells as determined by most probable number method falls between 350-1800+ coliforms / 100m1 while the heterotropic bacteria from the sample were in the range of 7.2 × 103 – 2.88 × 104 cfu/ml. The pH and temperature of the water falls around 5.5-7.1 and 15-21 °C respectively. This study showed that the water samples obtained from wells in Sabon Gari are heavily contaminated with coliforms. The contamination of the water is of serious concern because of the association of the coliforms with pathogenic enterobacteriaceae.


Bacteriological Quality Assessment of Shallow Wells in Sabion Gari settlement of Girei Local Government Area of Adamawa State

A. M. Mbahi , M. I. Jafaru , A. M. Mbahi , S. Onoshe , P. I. Amos

Categories: Research development

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