Zamfara state (Health) bovine TB

This study was aimed to record gross lesions suggestive of bovine tuberculosis amongst cattle slaughtered in Gusau abattoir Zamfara State, Nigeria. A total of 3690 bovine carcasses were inspected from April to June, 2014. The results of the postmortem inspection detected tuberculosis-like lesions in 226 (6.1%) carcasses; 126 (56%) of the lesions observed were restricted to the organs/tissues of thoracic cavity and its associated lymph nodes, while 100 (44%) were seen in the organs/tissues of the abdominal cavity and reproductive tract of the carcasses. The organ encountered with most lesions was lungs; 90 (39.82%) out of the 226 lungs from carcasses observed with lesions. The individual animal prevalence was significantly affected by both age (χ2 = 4.723, p = 0.000) and sex (χ2 = 4.457, p = 0.000). For animal level risk, a strong statistically significant association was recorded between age (OR = 2.614, C.I. = 1.223 – 3.831) and sex (OR = 2.164, C.I. = 1.223 – 3.831); age and sex were predictive of bovine TB pathology. Breed prevalence was found to be 129 (57.1%) for White Fulani, 78 (34.5%) for Sokoto Gudali, and 19 (8.4%) for Red Bororo respectively. This study has for the first time recorded macroscopic lesions compatible with bovine TB; which suggests its possible prevalence in the study area. Postmortem inspection could be applied in the control and eradication of bovine TB and prevent its transmission to humans; in depth study is needed to better ascertain the true cause(s) of TB-like lesions in the area.

Occurrence and distribution of bovine TB pathology by age, sex, and breed of cattle slaughtered in Gusau Abattoir, Zamfara State Nigeria

Ibrahim Ahmad, Caleb Ayuba KudiAlhaji Idris AbdulkadirS. N. A. Saidu


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