Sokoto state (Hydrology) Dam/Fish Diversity

Goronyo Dam is the largest lentic waterbody in Sokoto, it was constructed to serve as flood control and used for irrigation activities. The study was conducted to evaluate productivity status and fish diversity of Goronyo Dam in 2016. Water samples were collected monthly from the Dam at two sampling sites (Upstream and Downstream). Water samples were collected using sterilized sampling bottles and analyzed in the Laboratory for physicochemical variables and the diversity of fish was evaluated through the use of a structured questionnaire. Depth and transparency were the only variables that did not show any statistically significant difference between the months. Productivity status of the dam was evaluated using Carlson’s Trophic State Index. The downstream has high TSI value of 16.54 compared to upstream with 13.00. A diversity of fishes from the shows that 3 species were more abundant in the dam, these were; Mormyrops species, Alestes species and Clupeid species. Factors contributed to the survival of fish species were an abundance of water and plankton in the dam. While factors affecting the distribution of fish species were pollution and predation.

Assessment of Productivity Status Using Carlson’s TSI and Fish Diversity of Goronyo Dam, Sokoto State, Nigeria

Hassan Muhammad Maishanu, Muhammad Murtala Mainasara, Ibrahim Muhammad Magami

Categories: Research development

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