Niger-deltas (Ecosystem) Ecosystem service

The mangrove ecosystems in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria play a very important ecological role while providing a variety of services for human well-being. The benefits obtained from these mangrove ecosystems include a variety of economic, environmental, and social aspects. However, mangroves in this region have been impacted in recent times due to various anthropogenic activities, including oil pollution. In achieving the goal of a well-managed mangrove ecosystem services trade-off, we have come up with the analysis of the cost of the value of mangrove ecosystem services in the Niger Delta. The results from the valuation of mangroves in the Niger Delta are comparable with other estimates obtained elsewhere in the world. Since many stakeholders derive their livelihood from these mangrove ecosystem services, the threats to the mangroves demand immediate and urgent attention through development of conservation policy options with the involvement of community members for mangrove conservation

The Values of Mangrove Ecosystem Services in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria
Adeniran Akanni1, John Onwuteaka2, Michael Uwagbae3, Richard Mulwa4, Isa Olalekan Elegbede

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