Kogi state(Health) water borne parasite

Waterborne and sanitation-related infections are one of the major contributors to diseases burden and mortality in the world with children and poor individuals in rural areas being the most affected. Different parasitic diseases such as giardiasis, toxoplasmodiasis, amoebiasis, cryptosporidiosis have been associated with contaminated drinking water. In this study, a survey on the parasitic contamination of drinking water sources was carried out in Anyigba and Iyale of Dekina Local Government Area of Kogi State, Nigeria, to evaluate the level of contamination of water sources and their public health implications

Results: A total of twelve waterborne parasites were observed in the water samples collected from the five streams with an overall prevalence of 15.6%. The individual prevalence of these parasites were 4.4% (Entamoeba species), 4.0% (Schistosoma haematobium), 2.6% (Giardia duodenale), 1.6% (Diphyllobothrium latum), 1.6% (Strongyloides stercoralis), 1.6% (Gastrodiscoides hominis), 1.2% (Trichuris trichiura), 1.2% (Taenia species), 0.8% (Ascaris lumbricoides), 0.8% (Hook worm), 0.8% (Isospora rivolta) and 0.4% (Hymenolepis diminuta). The prevalence of the parasites in the streams were 24.0% (Abujalake), 16.0% (Ajidam and Oganaji), 12.0% (Ajieko) and 10.0% (Ajietito).

Iyaji Florence Oyibo, Abuh Aishat, Yaro Clement Ameh, and Mohammed Danjuma, “Evaluation of Parasitic Contamination of Drinking Water Sources in the Rural Areas of Dekina Local Government Area, Kogi State, Nigeria.” American Journal of Public Health Research, vol. 6, no. 1 (2018): 1-3. doi: 10.12691/ajphr-6-1-1.

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