Kogi state (climate) iron ore thermal conductivity

Iron ore tailings which is the waste material derived from the beneficiation of iron ore was dispersed in epoxy as micro scale particle fillers. The effect of particle size and particle loading on the thermal conductivity and impact properties of the composites were then investigated experimentally. It was discovered that the impact resistance increased with increasing volume content of iron ore tailings from 20 vol.% with a maximum toughness of 0.098 kJm-2 recorded for composite with 300 µm at 30 vol.%. Thermal conductivity of epoxy improved with decreasing particle size while 150 µm inclusion lead to improved thermal conductivity with increased volume content of filler.

Thermal Conductivity and Impact Properties of Iron Ore Tailings Filled Epoxy Composites

M.A. Onitiri, , E.T. Akinlabi


Categories: Research development

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