FCT Archive (Environment) drainage system

One of the most important aspects of the design of road is the provision made for protecting road from surface water and pavements usefully solos own traffic and contributes to accidents from hydro planning and loss of spray. If water is allowed to enter the structure of the road, the parliament and subgrade will be weekend and it will be much more susceptible to damage by the traffic. Water can enter the road as a result of rain penetrating the surface. Or as a result of the infiltration of ground water when the roads fail, which is usually due to inadequate drainage that Financially lead to un healthily Environment when proper maintenance is not Introduced. This study was conducted in selected areas Abuja metropolis. The areas are Mararaba, Nyanya, Dutse, Kuje and Bwari. The purpose of the study was to identify the Courses of drainage problems and recommend solutions. A Survey was conducted and appraised, which finally provided the lack of Improper and Comprehensive drainages management systems in the metropolis.

A.J. Gana, T Theophilus

Drainage system maintenance toward promoting healthy environment (a case) study of Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Metropolis Abuja


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