Delta state (GIS) Road network

This study is aimed application of GIS and Remote Sensing approach for the analysis of Asaba Urban Street network of Delta State Nigeria. In this study, data were obtained from IKONOS satellite images, existing street guide map and from field work using the handheld GPS. The methodology adopted included data capture which was by scanning, digitizing, and fieldwork carried out for ground-truthing, annotation and for the collection of coordinates selected points. The acquired data were processed using ArcGIS10.2 software, Microsoft Excel and the Geo-Trans 3.3 software. Results of the analysis carried out revealed that the total number of roads was 2100 while the total distance of road network in the study area was 8,092.17km. In addition, the new roads had a total number of 1,650 roads while the old roads were totaled 550. Paved roads accounted for about 59% of the total roads network while unpaved made up 41% of the roads in the study area. The updated map was in turn used to analyze the traffic congestion pattern in Asaba and then solutions where proffered. It was therefore recommended among other things that the street urban map produced to be utilized as a decision support system in making the appraisal of the current state of the road networks in the study area.

Application of GIS and Remote Sensing Approach for the Analysis of Asaba Urban Street Network of Delta State, Nigeria

Ojiako J C, Igbokwe E.C, Ossai E. N,%20Nigeria%3C/p%3E

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