Lagos state (climate change) flood

The paper examines local evidences of climate change impacts in the context of flood events and demonstrate how diverse socioeconomic characteristics of selected coastal communities of Lagos could influence communication of climate change impacts, mitigations and adaptations.

And so

The paper outlines key lessons and the prospects for evolving effective climate change communication for Lagos coastal communities. The responses of the coastal communities including the perception of the impacts, probability and risks differed majorly due largely to differences in locations more than income groups. Understanding local evidences of climate change impacts and differences in socioeconomic characteristics of coastal communities are significant for understanding, perception and awareness of the impacts of climate change and evolving appropriate climate change communication options. Using multi-level channels of communication could enhance collaboration and cooperation if properly managed otherwise it could results in negative consequences of unhealthy competition, conflicts and crisis. Responses and communication must involve coordination and cooperation at multiple levels of governance structure for mobilizing funds, implementing projects and ensuring stakeholders’ commitments.

Peter Elias

The Challenges of Climate Change Communication for Lagos Coastal Communities

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