Kwara state (Production) paying for fruit

study was carried out to examine consumers’ awareness and willingness to pay for organically produced fruits in Kwara State. Five fruits selected for the study are orange, banana, pineapple, avocado pear and walnut while the sampling frame was individuals in institutions of higher learning in Kwara State. Primary data were collected, using well-structured questionnaire administered to 200 respondents randomly selected in a multi-stage sampling procedure. Analytical tools employed include descriptive statistics, Contingent Valuation Method and Binary logistic regression technique which were modelled for each fruit. The study revealed that up to 77% of the respondents were aware of the health benefits of organic attributes. On the average, up to 44.9% of the respondents were willing to pay 30% premium above cost of conventional fruits which is a clear indication that demand for organic fruits exist in the study area. At 5% significance level, age, awareness of health benefits, safety concerns and bid amount were the variables found to commonly influence willingness to pay for organic attribute in all the five selected fruits. The study concluded that there is considerably high knowledge on the benefits of organically produced fruits in tertiary institutions in Kwara State and also that there is the availability of demand for such products given the amount they were willing to pay. However, there is a dearth in accessibility to organic fruits given that there were no stores dedicated to organic products hence, consumers were unable to ascertain the authenticity of organic products in the study area.






T B Ajibade, A E A Fadipe, H K Ibrahim, E T Ajibade, O Y Ambali

Categories: Research development

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