L.O.S. Time: 2:00pm. The Job

Day: Saturday

Time of day: 2:00pm

I did it again. Its like an instinct. I mean, i always wear a wristwatch but it doesn’t come to mind when i want to tell time. I go right for my phone. Push the power button and see what comes up. Like thats easier than positioning my wrist to my face. It was 2:00pm. I was sitting in a room waiting for this boss police guy to explain to me what he meant by; “go to my office, hey! Take him to my office. We might have a job for him.”

My phone did not ring, no emails either, just my face to a wall with framed photos; one, of the President, one, of the governor and one, of Inspector General of the federation. My hands on the table, my back to the exit, my legs restless under the table. It was a very long 20 minutes. The door opened and two men walked in. They wore different uniforms. There was the police who asked me to wait for him in his office and then a border patrol officer. I turned to face them properly. They didn’t mind me. The police walked pass me to sit in his chair while the border patrol sat beside me. Now i was facing an awkward direction, i had to adjust.

“I read your report. I think we might be able to get your things back. If they haven’t sold them already. But thats not why I asked you to wait.”

“Yes I know, you said something about a job?”

“Yes, yeah, just a little expense paid favour. And we’ll get whats left of your things before you come back.”

“Am I getting paid for this favour? I mean, its a job right?”

This time, the voice came from beside me.

“Yes, it’s a job. We contacted your company and had an agreement with your boss.” The border officer said, I was told you’ll be here.”

Man those guys will sell me one day.

“So I’m guessing it’ll involve me going to the border…or your station, or something.”

The officer adjusted himself towards me.

“You’ll go to the field yes, but first we’ll go to the station at the immigration service. You’ll meet our research team there”

I was beginning to think my day was going to be longer than i thought.

“Whats the job?”

The new third wheel got up, out of his desk, picked up his phone and left me and the immigration officer to talk. He almost looked offended that we ignored him.

“Have you seen the news?”

Is it on facebook? I almost said but he didnt look like someone who’d appreciate the humour.

“There is a lot of things on news sir.”

“Human trafficking,” he said, “its been the main issues this week.”

“Oh yes that.”

I had no clue.

“It’s getting too serious in every frontier of the country.”

“Yes, so?”

He leaned closer, taking pressure of his spine.

“The people are questioning our job efficacy. Pressure is being put on the agency. Well not us particularly, the pressure is on NAPTIP.”

“The agency for prohibition of trafficking?” I asked.

“Yes.” He leaned back, “This is actually their project. They’ve started the work they just need reinforcements.”

“Oh.” ” So far have they gone?”cropped-hands-3127291_1280.jpgHe brought out a handkerchief and wiped off the sweat on his forehead.

“They did some sampling using our patrol plans, narrowed down certain boundary areas most likely used by smugglers.”

Now the thoughts of a large number was beginning to make me feel a little uneasy.

“How large is the sample?”

“Its not that large. We are only looking for the major elusive paths. We have seven.”

“I was expecting ten times that.”

“Oh it is ten times that. But we can handle the rest. We just want you to use some research techniques and help us get these elusive ones.”

I was tired of sitting. I got up. He got up with me.

“This is not a one day job.”

“No its not.”

“What do i do now?”

“Go home, pack a bag and we’ll meet by 4pm.”

“Why the rush? Why not tomorrow?”

“Our public relations officer goes live to address the issue tomorrow at 1pm. He wants to have encouraging remarks to make.” “And Come on, why would you want to delay room service?”

Because I hate nice things ? I thought. Another joke he probably won’t appreciate.

“See you 4:30.”

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