L.O.S. Time: 9:00am

Day: Saturday

Time of day: 9:00 A.M


It’s 9am. Every bit of sleep has left me. The coffee had played it’s part, I even felt like drumming for no reason. Damn you James for ruining my sleep. By now I felt a little worried that I wouldn’t enjoy my weekend. This flood thing was probably the start of a series of work, SERDS TECH , would throw my way the day. I already felt exhausted anticipating the loads of work coming my way.

*sip coffee*

It was going to be quite the day.

I walked to my home office. Turned on my laptop to work on my class notes for the coming week. It was about 30 minutes since I made that decision then I realised I had forgotten to do that and had been watching football videos on the computer. It’s amazing how my mind wander easily.


“Carry on my wayward son

There’ll be peace when you are done

Lay your weary head to rest

Don’t you cry no more”


My alarm! Damn it i promised to go help my girlfriend babysit her sister’s kids. I rushed up to the bathroom.

In the shower I imagined what it was like when serds tech thought about bringing me in on the job. I bet there was reluctance.

I imagined a man from across a table giving instructions. Scenes behind him on a board explain what he is taking about(flood and water damage and the other jobs he might have for me today ) James is standing in front of the boss.

Boss: James why don’t you go see about setting up an early warning system so this don’t happen next time there is a flood.

James: what about Hermes ?

Boss: Ah, I don’t like working with that smart ass.

James: He’ll help smoothen the edges of the work.

Boss : All right call him.

James: I’ll Try to make sure I don’t make him feel needed.

Boss: Do that.

The jerks.man-3012673_1280

Time of day: 10:15 A.M


10:15 am. I was in the cab to my girlfriend’s sister’s. I wore a t- shirt and joggers. And carried a bag with my computer in it. I had to go help Ginny babysit. It’ll help reduce the amount of effort I put into our next date night. My earpiece was plugged on into my ears as I unconsciously listen through my playlist. I logged into Facebook to read whatever I find on my newsfeed. My phone’s screen froze, and a name appeared at the top of the screen. James! The work I was expecting. I slid the answer button then proceeded to tell James about my bathroom portrayal of how he and the boss at Serds tech decided to bring me on the job.


James: that’s exactly what happened.

Hermes: I know you two well. So what’s up?

James: yeah the computation is on going. I’ll give you the results later. But the boss has put me on another job.

Hermes: oh. Okay. So what’s up with this one?

James: Beatles

Hermes : for both our sakes I hope you don’t mean the band.

James: so here is the deal. There is a team in Barcelona right now trying to investigate the reason for a recent low agricultural yield in a small town.

Hermes: yeah yeah tell me about the Beatles

James: you know dung Beatles when they dig into the soil they consume dung. That does a lot in improving nutrient recycling in the soil.

Hermes: yeah something like That.

James: so we want to see if there are enough of those left. Who knows if that’s what’s slowing down farming. The dung Beatle.

Hermes: I don’t know. Got any documents on those?

James: yeah I just downloaded five pdfs.

Hermes: send them. I’ll go through them and get back to you.

James: Thanks

Hermes: later then.

James: oh how is Ginny doing ?

Hermes : going to meet her now.

James: you might need to come in field later you know?

Hermes: yes, that was on my mind.

James: Later.

Now I could scroll through my newsfeed. I saw a meme trolling flatearthers and the meme was met with an epic response as well. Then I opened the pdfs to read through.

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