L.O.S. TIME: 8:15am – Saturday


Day: Saturday

Time of day: 8:15 A.M


The sky was beautiful, there were lots of birds flying around. The sun was just peering out to the open. The aesthetics of the view above almost made up for the horror below. James the scientist, looked from up to down to see the level of destruction made by the recent flood in the little town. He picked up his phone and dialled



At this time, I was still asleep from partying most of the night, getting home late and watching three episodes of supernatural before sleeping. The ring woke me. I stretched and picked up the phone

Hermes: what?

James: morning to you too

Hermes: talk or hang up.

James : I have a case. Its a flood.

Hermes: what’s up?

James: it really caused destruction in this town so i’ve been hired to create an early warning system here so this doesn’t happen next time.

Hermes: Lets chat on WhatsApp. Gimme a minute to go online and to also have a cup of coffee near me.IMG-20180123-WA0004IMG-20180127-WA0000

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