L.O.S. Time: 11:12am Ginny’s sister’s

Time of day: 11:12 A.M


I think I yawned in my mind. Have you ever tried to read a research paper not for the sake of it but to find something. It’s like a niddle in a stack of words. Each statement anchored to a reference because academics don’t want to be held responsible for any bold statement. I’m gonna tell you. It isn’t exciting like taming a lion, it’s really boring.

The cab stopped and I got out only to be tackled back in by two miniature human beings. Ginny’s nephew and niece.

“And there goes my laptop” I said, “where is your babysitter?” ” I don’t know” Sam said.

“I don’t know either” Carol added.

I struggled to get them off me and out of the cab. “The responsible one is here, come on, let’s go inside”

“Where did your parents go again?”

“We don’t know” Sam said.

“So do you kids know anything at all or is that your special twin thing ?”

“Mom said we are still little and it’s okay if don’t know everything ” Sam said.

“I’ll just ask the other grown up around then.”

We walked back into the house, the babysitter was wearing a headphone and chatting while the tv was on. The kind of thing that gives our generation a bad name.

“And you said you want one of these” Ginny took out her headphones to respond.

“Where did you meet them?”

“Shouldn’t you know ?”

“Whatever, what did you bring ?”

“What ?”

My ring tone went off. Interrupting me. I pulled my phone out of my pocket. It was James again. Sam was doing one of those kids’ thing, pulling on my leg.”Tell us more stories about the earth” “is it really that old?” Will it someday explode?” I just ignored him.


Hermes: Give me a moment rest

James: not today son. You’re putting out fires today

Hermes: where is the fire?

James: depends on what you have to tell me

Hermes: you say the study is in Barcelona

James: I did.

Hermes: it wasn’t easy but I tailored my reading to that region .

James: So?

Hermes: the Iberian dung Beatles….. They do that soil nutrient mixing and stuff. So I read through the works of a researcher, lobo and his team from 2010 and I found some interesting things.

James: I’m biting. The suspense is killing me.

Hermes: Okay I’m going to say a bunch of things now. Try to listen before you ask me what the hell I’m talking about.

James: Talk

Hermes: so if you want to check if there are still enough of those little buggers around, you’ll have to model their existence

James: Once, did I ever tell you I like suspense or are you being annoying as usual?

Hermes: just create a model for those in environmentally suitable areas, those in unsuitable areas and make a grid of your entire study area. That way you get habitat records and i believe the team will know what to do from there

James: Thanks that makes sense. I’ll get back to you on the results. Oh and check your email for the results of the flood case. I just sent it.

Hermes: cool. Call ya latergangster-294235_1280-1


Time of day: 11:50 A.M


So i set up my computer to receive the email from James. Ginny came to help out. The twins followed her. I looked up at Ginny while trying to set up the WiFi.

“Did you want me to bring something?” She looked disappoint “i’ve not seen you in a week, i thought you’d atleast get me chocolates, you don’t every try to do anything special”

Now the wifi was on and running. I opened up my browser and typed the Google address. “I thought i was doing enough, coming here to have my leg pulled out by sam”

I had a lot of work to do, i just wish she wouldn’t take us to the place where i am supposedly a bad boyfriend. Atleast not now. “Just watch the kids” “where is carol?”

Ginny looked around and then proceeded to go check outside. I opened James’ email.

“Damn it” i said.

“Whats wrong?” Sam asked trying to look at my screen.

“Nothing, just more work.”

“Do you ever stop working?”

“No but i barely mind since i get to do any other activity while working. Thats what’s fun about being a scientist or a researcher.”

Sam focussed more on my screen. “What are those numbers for?”

“Just computations to predict and prepare against flood in a town.”

“Whats flood?”

“Its when water gets too much on land without a good way for it to leave and then it destroys things.”

“But water goes down the ground” sam added.

“Yes but if the water doesn’t go down as fast as its coming onto the surface it becomes bad. It kills a lot”

“Couldnt the people just swim?”

“Ah kid! You know what? Come closer to the screen let me show you something. Sam advanced and i proceeded to show him the horrible pictures of flood damage i found on google. He was quiet, his gaze were fixed to the screen as i clicked through the water damage.

“But i can make sure this doesn’t happen.”


I minimized the picture tab then moved to the document james sent me.

“See these numbers?”

Sam managed to come back from his little shock.

“Yes, the ones i asked about”

“Yes, these are rainfall data going back as thirty five years, these other set of numbers are for the soil infiltration rate and these….”

“Whats infilra…”



“Before, you said you knew water goes into the ground. Well thats infiltration.”

“Inflation…” sam tried

“Infiltration.” I corrected, “anyway, these other set of numbers help me connect all the other numbers to help me do the work. They are called constants and formulas.”

“Constants and formulas” sam repeated.

“Yes, in science we have certain rules that guide the way things happen at different conditions.”

“I dont understand”

“I didnt expect you to.”

While talking to the kid, unconsciously opened up the statistical package program and the commutation was almost done.

“Okay look at this.” i shifted the screen to face sam properly. A graph displayed on the screen showing trends of rainfall over the years.

“You see where the line goes up ?”

“Yes,” sam said enthusiastically, the sharp and bendy tops”

“Those are the times when the rain goes higher than normal.”

“Okay?” Sam responded

“Look at the years. Those tops are higher than the others, they happen around june every five years.”

Sam looked a little bit confused. “What does that mean?”

“It means every five years there is an abnormal heavy rain event that can cause flood. So if the people want to protect themselves and their things, they will be careful around that time every five years.”


“Yes and see this year has a peak top like the years before so that’s why there was a flood in the area”

“What about infiltration?”

“Good question, that made things worse this time because the people cemented a lot of the floor everywhere.”

“So cement stops water from going down.”

“Yes, you are a very smart kid.”

Then it occurred to me that Ginny wasn’t back yet. “Why don’t you go check on Ginny and your sister” sam ran out. I was given a five minute privacy. Something i thought was impossible in that house. So i got up to go check up on everyone. Everyone was sitting quietly in the living room.

“Whats going on here?”

Before i got a response, i saw a man on the doorway holding a gun.My heart got a little too excited by the surpise. Then another man came up to me from the side. This one was holding a cutlass.

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